About Us

ZAKI PISO VENDO MACHINE is operated by Zaki Piso Machine Manufacturing which is solely owned by Engr. Generoso Dela Cerna and was founded at 2009 in Cebu where water dispensers are turned into vending machines. His idea is to discourage every vendors to stop selling ice water because of its unclean process. This was also the time where the reverse osmosis water treatment boom in the country.

As the years passed by, he provide every establishments and homes an extra income thru his variety of vending machines. Its a low cost, less maintenance, and self-service machines ranging from water dispensers to piso wifi and ongoing development of new product.


Our business aims to provide you an extra income and fast return of investment without selling. Making yourself staying at home more relaxing.


To be the most customer-centric partner and distributor of vending machines for every business needs.


Our products are carefully hand-crafted by our trained technicians and tested by the professionals. We have courteous customer support and our repair personnels are in standby nationwide.