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Outdoor Piso Wifi Hotspot System
150-200 meters signal range
accepts 1peso, 5peso, 10peso coins

* Orange Pi One
* 5V Single Relay Channel
* USB 3.0 (USB to LAN)
* 12V to 5V Buck Converter
* 12V 3A/3.2/5A Switching Power Supply 40-60W
* 12V LED Light (Red & Blue)
* Dupont Wire Cable Connector
* Universal Coin Slot
* Comfast CF-EW71 300Mbps High Power Outdoor AP

* 1 piece Tarpaulin
* 1 extra UTP cable

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 15 in

2 reviews for OUTDOOR PISO WIFI

  1. rhiannaraine

    i am a fan of zaki vendo machine couz there products are soo amazing and affordable pa????????

  2. rhiannaraine

    super????????????very affordable

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